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The Wax Shack specializes in Brazilian Waxing for Women. Now is the perfect time to get on a consistent wax routine. Staying consistent with waxing minimizes hair growth and in turn, helps to make the hairs become thinner.  Make shaving a thing of the past.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

The Wax shack offers a personal wax experience with a trusted friend in your esthetician. My main concern is your comfort from the first point of contact and throughout the entirety of the service. I not only specialize in Brazilian waxing, I also take pride in having a flawless reputation regarding the efficiency of the services I provide. I am a genuine soul who LOVES animals. This is why every product I use here at the wax shack will always have compassion to animals in mind & at heart. I do not use or promote products that test on animals or use animal products. I believe our souls are what make us beautiful. Please visit me on Yelp and see for yourself what the locals and some travelers are saying. 

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