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Who Set The World On Fire?

My heart is heavy and my brain is scattered. It feels as if half of the worlds population has either forgotten, or does not believe there is a COLLECTIVE energy that all of our SOULS are connected to. It hurts me when I hear people say, "there's no God." How can you look at all the earths beauty and perfect design and really truly believe that? I never tell anyone what/who/where "GOD" is, but I do always suggest they find whatever it means to them. I never grew up religious, but the ways of this world have pushed me to look into spirituality and find what works for me. I sometimes go to church to hear the pastor tell the stories of the Bible, and I apply the stories of morality to my every day life. I believe GOD is everything. The trees, the rivers, lakes, animals, THE SUN, and us when you look within.

Sometimes I wonder if there is so much evil in the world because so many people do not believe that their SOUL will be held accountable in the end of this life. I like to think that I was reborn, and each time, if I am a good person whom treats people well, does the right thing, and continues to search for answers for our spirits mission here on earth, then we will either be reincarnated to a higher level, maybe with an easier less stressful life. Or that the ultimate goal is reached and you do not have to be born again and redo this HUMAN experience. If I can remain a soul or even a guardian angel, that is the ultimate goal for my SPIRIT. I am a sensitive person with a HUGE heart and in all honesty this life is VERY VERY hard on me. The injustices I see (especially to animals) and the mean spirit that so many people possess hurts my heart. Hopefully I don't have to come back here to do it again, so I'm doing my best to ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING! I have lived by this rule my entire life: IF YOU WOULDN'T LIKE SOMETHING DONE TO YOU, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THAT TO ANYONE ELSE!" Lastly, something I always told my nieces as they grew up...There are enough assholes in the world, don't be one more that people have to deal with.

I wish you all happy soul searching, spend time alone, dissect your feelings and emotions and get to the bottom of em. Please try every day to be better, kinder, consume less, and advance your SOUL! Thanks for reading.

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