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Why do women stay with men whom DO NOT enrich their lives?????

I have too many beautiful and amazing women in my life who are settling with men whom literally DO NOTHING to add value to their lives, but actually and FACTUALLY make their lives WORSE by staying with them?

We women are much too strong, and waaaaaaaaay too desired to be sitting around like some old dog that he occasionally takes out and gives attention to.

A relationship is like a plant, if you stop watering that sucker, it's gonna dry up and die. If you over-water it, it's gonna wilt up and also die. Just like anything that has life running through it, you have to care for it. If you aren't going to, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT involve yourself with a person or anything that you aren't going to care enough about to maintain.

Ladies, if your man isn't telling you how special you are, how beautiful you are, and taking you on dates and rubbing your head, then WHAT THE F is he doing in your bed boo????

There are too many people in God's grand design for you to NOT have those things in your life. Even if you aren't in a relationship you SHOULD NOT be hanging out with ANY little boys, who aren't making you feel beautiful and appreciated.

This isn't exclusive to romantic relationships either. I hear a lot of women tell me how badly they are treated by so called "friends" of theirs. I think if you know me you know well by now that I am going to calls it like I sees it :D I also can only go off the one side of the story I am getting, and I assume it's the truth (otherwise we are in for a much longer "blahg" post).

Please don't stay unhappy any longer. It literally takes a snap second to decide differently and decide for yourself. Decide to drive to your moms/dads/brothers/uncles/cousins/friends house and stay there instead. Spend time alone. Get out of the TOXIC energy and CHANGE YOUR LIFE. After all, it is...YOURS! If you ever need a reminder or need help in figuring out how to make the change call me. Text me cuz I most likely can't answer but FREAKING TEXT ME. We are so priveleged here in the US and we really can do anything we just have to f'ing try. And as hard as it is, it's fun growing. It's fun finding out what you like and don't like it this life. You can stay home every day if that's what you feel. I once stayed home (beside work) for 3 months straight. I didn't do a thing or interact with people because that is what my soul needed and I listened. I cried but I listened. I also grew and became smarter and stronger because of that brief period. I hope my words can help you and encourage you if you needed to hear these. -with so much love Madalyn

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