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Tips for best waxing results

Exfoliating the area we wax will help your hair follicles and give you the best results possible. Exfoliating every day in the shower will ensure your skin is smoother longer and the follicles do not become congested. You can also dry brush the skin before the shower. Doing both on a daily basis will give you the softest skin.

Tend Skin helps to prevent Ingrown Hairs. If you are exfoliating the area every day in the shower and are still getting those pesky ingrown hairs, then pick up a bottle of Tend Skin. Once you begin to use this solution each day after the shower, ingrown's will become a thing of the past. Not only is Tend Skin Cruelty-Free, but they also support "Angels in Distress." Which is an Animal Rescue group that aims to rescue animals in life threatening situations. Help support an amazing company, and help yourself as well!

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